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london real estate

The Top End of London Real Estate Thriving Thanks to the Rich and Famous

Property in London has always been attractive to international buyers and now it seems the trend headed by celebrities may be driving house prices up. The proportion of £2m-plus London house sales which have gone to non-UK buyers hit 52%, according to Knight Frank. For properties worth more than £5m, the figure was 64%.

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New Report Lists Best-Value Second Home Destinations

A recent report list the top 36 most popular resort and second home locations around the world. Among the surprises: Apartments in Warsaw, Poland are selling for higher prices than Dubai. Manhattan and Paris are running neck in neck, but Moscow makes them both look cheap, with Monte Carlo the most expensive and Marrakesh, Morocco the best value.

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The World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Homes

Many of the home’s for sale with Marquette Turner Luxury Homes are exceptional. We have not (yet), however, listed any of the world’s top ten most expensive homes for sale. The values are astronomical and the features are out of this world. They are, quite simply, palatial and pricey. We have in fact featured some of these properties individually before, but never in such esteemed company. Cast your eye over the current top ten most expensive homes in the world, and see how the other half live!

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Where in the World? 2009 Investment Opportunities

A recent study by non-profit organisation, The Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE), reveals the best opportunities in the world for real estate investment, and the results are perhaps surprising.

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