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loft conversion


5 Stylish Loft Conversion Ideas for an Extra Work Space

Most people like their lives organized and running according to how they want to live. Whether it’s working at the office or managing a household, some level of order and organization can keep any person sane, amidst the daily grind. Some people, meanwhile, are in a unique situation of merging their work and their home […]

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Add Space and Value to a Property with a Loft Conversion (Infographic)

Assuming you have both the space and the money, a great way to add both extra room and value to a property is a loft conversion. There are so many options, from the practical to the luxurious. Here’s a great infographic explaining the process. Converting Your Loft – A Visual Guide [Infographic] by the team at […]

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Thumbnail image for The Modern Attic Apartment Renovation

The Modern Attic Apartment Renovation

Even when space may be at a premium and somewhat limited, creativity and design need not be. Take for example this wonderful renovation of an Italian attic. Built in 1910, its previous guise was little more than a dusty storage area. Now, it’s a gleaming testament to the best of modern design.

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