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living space

A Tidy Home for a Tidy Mind

Keeping our homes neat and tidy is not only good for when unexpected guests come round, it is also important for our health and wellness. Decluttering is something which we should do often. Think of spring cleaning as an important annual event with regular, monthly decluttering sessions thrown in to keep on top of clutter. […]

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space (Infographic)

This fantastic infographic talks about the pros, cons, and tips for improving your living space outdoors, including mood lighting, koi ponds, outdoor bar, deck, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, hot tub, awning, and outdoor sound. Also, why not enter the gazebo giveaway gazebos   Guest article by Amish Gazebo

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5 ways to transform your living space

Not all of us have the proverbial room with a view, so to keep things lively on the inside, here are 5 easy tricks for transforming your living space: 1. Repaint, with colour: Like music, colour can work some major mojo. Generally speaking, warm shades (reds, oranges) are energising and cool shades (greens, blues) are […]

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