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Top 5 Smart Storage Ideas for Home Libraries

It doesn’t come as a surprise to see book lovers’ abode being huddled with copies of magazines, novels and manuals. Gone are the days where books adorned the four walls of homes, its all about being smart today. And not just smart in terms of design, smart in terms of storage too. Here we offer […]

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How to Turn Your Spare Bedroom into a Private Reading Room

If you’re a voracious reader and have a collection of books that could form a small lending library, consider turning your spare guest room into a private reading area. Surround yourself with all of your favorite reads, while equipping the room with all the extra comforts to make this room a real retreat. Here are […]

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Thumbnail image for Good Causes: The Footpath Library Helps the Homeless

Good Causes: The Footpath Library Helps the Homeless

The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library caters for the homeless of Sydney and Melbourne. It provides them with books and other reading material.

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