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kitchen design

How to add character to your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it deserves adequate thought and effort when it comes to design and décor. And seeing as not everyone has a say concerning the design of their kitchen, it mostly comes down to a choice of appliances and décor to add character to the kitchen. People pass […]

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The Sliding Contemporary Kitchen Work-Top Design by Minimal

The Modern Sliding Kitchen Work-Top by Minimal

The sliding kitchen work-top is both a contemporary design & minimalist. Designed by Minimial, the kitchen island design is modern & timeless.

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The modern kitchen design

From early on art has inspired everyone though paintings, body art, houses, and even rooms around the house. Furthermore, whilst the typical family size is shrinking, kitchens are becoming larger and an increasing focal point of the home. As such, many people when renovating their home use many artistic influences, with designers currently trending towards […]

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The hottest trends for the coolest kitchen

THE LOOK Kitchens are being integrated into living areas. Rather than using one dominant surface, grey, black, dark timber or veneer is teamed with a contrasting shade or texture, including gloss or dark mirror glass, to simulate the feel of a living room. The preparation area might be stainless steel with an integrated sink and […]

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