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Setting the Stage – The Benefits of Investing in Home Staging

Selling your home and fetching the best price for your investment means doing an overall tidy up, attending to the garden and for most these days, it means employing staging professionals. Staging a home for sale is a practice that has gained momentum amongst a challenging and competitive market. For many, it garners interest from […]

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4 Tips Why Location is So Important When Buying Property

We hear it so much it’s almost boring. Location, location, location – that old chestnut! The phrase, after all, has been in use since at least 1926 and still remains vital today. In a nutshell: make sure you buy in a desirable area. Some real estate agents recommend that clients purchase the worst home in […]

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6 Tips to Buying Luxury Property

Prime London is one of the most sought-after spots in the world when it comes to international property investors. This is largely due to the favourable tax regime in the UK and of course the fact that it’s a global hub of business, entertainment and culture. However, property transactions are never straight-forward; it’s always important […]

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Australian Real Estate Hotspots for 2010

Simon Turner of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: Property research company, Australian Property Monitors (APM) have released a report stating where they believe the real estate hotspots will be in 2010. Both Brisbane and Perth are listed as the best cities to achieve “bang for ones buck”, and for new buyers there’s still some areas in Melbourne to be rewarded and even in Sydney, where prices can still be below 2007 levels.

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So, Dad, What Do You Suggest We Do?

Here’s some great words of wisdom by Californian Jim Walberg, a great Luxury Real Estate colleague of Marquette Turner’s, regarding a conversation that he recently had with his kids: “They asked the $64,000 question just before they left to drive back down to school about an hour ago. “Dad, what do you suggest we do […]

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