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Moving House Packing, Moving & Storing Like A Pro (Infographic)

Thanks to the guys at Storage World we have a useful infographic for when you move house, showing you how to best pack, move and store your possessions. This content piece is a practical guide taking you through all the basic things you can do, from preparing your move, planning how you will move your […]

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8 Unusual Ways to Display Your Indoor Plants (Infographic)

There’s a tremendous amount of joy to be found in rearranging your indoor plants – taking something that might have been a simple window dressing and transforming it into a work of art. In this useful infographic from Serenata Flowers, listed are eight unusual ways to display your houseplants, from light bulb vases to pet […]

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How to Remove Scratches from Your Floors (Infographic)

Over time, our floors will gather some wear and tear – it’s inevitable but they can still remain their ‘freshly laid’ look with a bit of useful DIY and work. If you’ve seen those incredible “before and after” shots and wondered how to achieve their results, this handy infographic looks at what you need to […]

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7 Golden Rules for Keeping a Small Space Organised (Infographic)

You might be short on space, but you can still be big on organization. Approach your tiny apartment or home and embrace your inner minimalist, declutter and make sense with our 7 golden tips. 7 Golden Rules for Keeping a Small Space Organised [Infographic] by the team at FBD  

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9 Awesome Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

As well as the many positive reasons for being eco-friendly, keeping your bedroom clean can ensure you get a great nights sleep. This infographic from Wimdu provides nine cleaning tips that will ensure your bedroom is both green and clean.     9 Awesome Eco-friendly bedroom cleaning tips [Infographic] by the team at Wimdu  

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How to Hang and Display Artwork in Your Home (Infographic)

You don’t need to be an interior designer or budding-Picaso to recognise the importance of art to a room. Just like your furniture, artwork can immediately change the look, feel and mood of any room in your home. This infographic provides useful tips on how to display your art, to give you a stylish gallery […]

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Flowering Color Calendar Infographic on Marquette Turner

A Flowering Color Calendar (Infographic)

No matter how green your fingers, unless you’re a botanist it’s difficult to know when each type of flower should be planted in your garden. This flowering color calendar infographic will help remove the mystery, so that you’ll know only know which month works for a specific flower, but also what needs most sun, and […]

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can money buy happiness infographic

Can Money Buy Happiness? (Infographic)

Can money buy happiness – a question that’s been asked time after time, with no simple formula nor answer. As this infographic shows, its very subjective, but what can be determined is whilst lifestyle, health and well-being can absolutely be measured by the amount of money spent, one’s happiness can indeed be influenced by the manner in […]

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Natural Flooring Products: The Benefits of Travertine Pavers (Infographic)

If it was good enough for the Romans to use to build the Colosseum, then Travertine – a 100% natural product that is formed when water passes through limestone, depositing calcium and releasing carbon dioxide – is definitely a design option that should be considered for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Not only is it long […]

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Million Pound Homes: What Kind of Home Will One Million Buy You Around the World? (Infographic)

A million pounds is a lot of money to many and it’ll come as no surprise to discover that just what that million will buy you varies considerably in each corner of each country, let alone each corner of the globe. This infographic looks at 8 different million pound homes throughout the world, from apartments […]

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