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homes of the rich and famous

Garages of the Rich and Famous (Infographic)

Celebrities’ love affair with automobiles has given the world some amazing collections, and where else would they house them than in mind-blowing garages! jay lenos garage    Simon Turner

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Thumbnail image for Madonna’s $40 million Manhattan Luxury Home

Madonna’s $40 million Manhattan Luxury Home

What better way for Madonna to recover from her marriage break-up to movie director Guy Ritchie than purchase a new luxury home, at a cost of $40 million USD and located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

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The World’s Most Exclusive Private Club

Ever fancy owning your personal New York three-bedroom apartment? Your own luxury villa in St. Barth’s? Now, via Solstice, the international private destination club with a collection of ultra-luxury, staffed vacation homes around the globe, the unimaginable becomes possible. The Solstice Club model is a direct response to today’s economic environment. For less than a […]

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Where The Clinton’s Lay Their Hat

Hillary Clinton appears ready to accept President-Elect Barack Obama’s offer to be US Secretary of State in his Administration once he takes office on January 20th, 2009. By giving up her New York Senate seat where she has carved out a respected position, she will become the face of US diplomacy overseas and the third […]

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The Beckham Effect

When most houses in the UK are losing value one home is actually increasing at an enormous rate. This house is the former home, and indeed the birthplace of soccer mega-star David Beckham, the property which should have a price tag of about £250,000 based on the local Leytonstone, East London market. The three bedroom […]

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Growing Pains: Michael Jackson Forced to Sell Neverland

It seems that no matter who you are, the credit crunch is snapping at your heals. And, as we seem to be hearing more and more each day, people from all walks of life are losing the battle. Michael Jackson, he of the world’s biggest selling album of all time, “Thriller” (and on its 25th […]

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Material Girl: The Properties at Stake in Madonna’s Divorce

Madonna’s impending divorce from British Director, Guy Ritchie, is making many headlines not least for the amount property at stake. You could say that Madonna is a real estate mogul with an amazing array of properties in London, New York and Beverley Hills. There is much speculation as to which properties from the portfolio will […]

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The Chicago Home of the Obama’s: Next Stop the White House?

It may not be too long until Barack Obama and his family call the White House in Washington their home. Until then, however, they’ll be making do with their property in Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois which was purchased in 2005 for $US1.65 million. Simon Turner FYI: More articles on Barrack Obama, the US Presidential Race, […]

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Celebrity Luxury Home: Kelsey Grammer

Every now and then, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes likes to showcase luxurious properties of the rich and famous both in Australia and overseas, listed by our fellow luxury agents. Comedian and actor Kelsey Grammer has listed an English Country-style estate in Malibu’s Serra Retreat for $US19.9 million, having bought the property with his wife Camille […]

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