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home staging

living room

Setting the Stage – The Benefits of Investing in Home Staging

Selling your home and fetching the best price for your investment means doing an overall tidy up, attending to the garden and for most these days, it means employing staging professionals. Staging a home for sale is a practice that has gained momentum amongst a challenging and competitive market. For many, it garners interest from […]

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FOR SALE? How to Revamp Your Home From Reasonable to Upmarket

Selling your home may sound like one of the best financial decisions that you can make. However, without the proper direction, the process of waiting for it to be sold may be excruciating for any homeowner. This is the reason why home staging is a very important aspect of selling. One of the best ways […]

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Reliable Guide to Home Staging (Infographic)

Your home is your castle. You love it, but sometimes selling is necessary and/or the right thing to do for a myriad of reasons such as needing a bigger home, downsizing, relocation and/or taking advantage of the current market prices. While your home may be very special to you, when selling, it’s important to realize […]

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