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home security

Add Extra Security To Your Home With This One Quick And Easy Light

These lights are not only affordable, versatile and effective. They are also saving money on your electricity bills and helping the environment. They usually come with the persona of unreliable, dim, faulty and not useful lights that you see on a gimmicky TV program from the 90’s. But what most people might not know is […]

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Three Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, in 2014 alone over 1.7 million home burglaries occurred, with losses totaling over $3 billion. Protecting your home and personal belongings from burglars and other criminals is vital, and there are a number of things that you can do to keep unwanted trespassers away. Whether you’ve recently been […]

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3 Things to Look For in a Home Security Company in Edmonton, Canada

The most important purchase that a person will make in their lifetime is in regards to the type of home they will purchase. There are a number of options out there in the world of homes and finding the right one will take some time and effort. After you have found the right home, you […]

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Better Home Security For Rental Tenants

Renters make up a larger and larger portion of American residents by the year. Young and mobile Millenials in particular tend to be devoted apartment-hoppers, and even older workers often find that convenience of a rental outstrips the benefits of owning a house. But while rental properties may be gentler on the wallet and generally […]

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How to Avoid a Break-in. The 5 Most Basic but Effective Deterrents

Home security is an incredibly important thing for any family, and knowing that you are doing your best towards it is the least your family should expect. With the knowledge that a country like Canada had a 156,000 reported break-ins in 2013, preparing your home to stop being part of such a statistic becomes even […]

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How a Home Security System can Benefit Your Property

It is something we all fear. We return home from a hard day at work or a relaxing holiday only to find that our home has been invaded by outsiders.  This feeling of violation for victims of burglary can last long after the crime has been “tidied away” and friends and colleagues seem to have […]

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How to Raise Your Property’s Value With Home Security

As a homeowner, your family’s safety is probably your biggest concern, and for good reason.*  While having a security door and dead-bolt locks on your door is wise, they won’t deter many burglars. Alarm systems, however, will. Alarm.org reports 90 percent of convicted burglars said they would abandon an attack on a residence if they […]

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Home Security: The Air Vent Home Safe

Camouflaging your hiding places seems to be a perfect technique to fool thieves from stealing your valuables. There have been treasure chests all along history with huge key combination locks and handles on the outside that leave the robber very little to look for. Even burying money underground isn’t all that logical anymore since many […]

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How to foil burglars

Engraving or marking your property leaves no doubt as to its ownership. Not only does it deter others from taking your property because of the difficulties involved in “offloading” identifiable property, it also helps police to recover and return items which may have been stolen. Neighbourhood Watch suggest you should keep an inventory of all […]

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Listen to Your Home’s Heartbeat

The Home Heartbeat home awareness system monitors your home by way of sensors placed on things like windows, doors, water heaters, etc. and then relays messages to the home key (a key chain receiver), although you can elect to have messages sent to your phone or email.

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