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Home Loans

And The Survey Says…

A consumer survey taken at the end of 2008 revealed that three quarters of home loan borrowers were meeting their loan repayments and feeling financially more secure in comparison to earlier in the year (up almost ten per cent). The survey, undertaken by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) in association with Bank […]

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Australian Housing Finance Improves

Housing finance commitments in Australian jumped 1.3% in November 2008, slightly higher than market expectations and thus offering a glimmer of hope for the property industry. Furthermore, the actual value of owner-occupied house finance also increased by 1.4% to $12.46 billion AUD, clearly showing that the Reserve Bank of Australia’s dramatic interest rate cuts have […]

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Aussie Grabs Wizard At The Eleventh Hour

The battle to take control of Wizard Home Loans, as reported a few weeks ago by Marquette Turner, is over. Despite expectations that National Australia Bank would take control of the brand and franchise network, the race has been won by Aussie Home Loans. GE Money has offloaded its Australia and New Zealand mortgage offshoot […]

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Australian Interest Rates Slashed by 0.75%

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has cut its key interest rate for the third month in a row as it attempts to prevent Australia’s economy stalling. The central bank trimmed three-quarters of a percentage point – or 75 basis points – off its key cash rate, reducing it to 5.25%, the lowest level since […]

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Marquette Turner’s “Real Estate Radar”

Marquette Turner’s real estate radar® hones-in on property news to keep your finger on the pulse, and with interest rate cuts on the cards, our news couldn’t be more timely! A report conducted by the Real Estate Institute of Australia in June 2008 has showed that housing affordability has fallen across every Australian State and […]

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