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12 Green Ways to Upgrade Your Property (Infographic)

It’s important that we all do our part when it comes to the environment, and that stretches far beyond looking after nature and its inhabitants – we also need to be considerate of how we live. Small changes to our property can make massive differences, so it’s always worth looking for a green solution that […]

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Green Jobs Ahead in the Building Industry

Whether you are a smart investor looking to retro-fit your own home or office, the owner of a construction company meeting new client demands, or an employee looking for new opportunities, the trend for green construction and eco-friendly jobs in the United States will be very much on the rise throughout 2015 and beyond, not […]

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Eco-Living – The Growing Concept of Green Homes in India

Many a times we hear the words ‘green homes’ and wonder how homes can be green.  For eco-living, green homes are smartly designed properties constructed in a special way that they demand least maintenance in the long run.  The overall damage caused to the environment is minimal and the dwellers remain healthy. India is a […]

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Brazilian Environmental Concept Rewards Consumers for Saving Water

This eco-living environmental project is novel: Banco Cyan in Brazil monitors consumers’ water usage and rewards them when they manage to cut back.

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Social Media Chatter on the Environment, Green Living and Sustainability

We’ve curated some of the more interesting and useful chatter on the Environment, Energy and Eco-Living from the internet, bringing together snippets from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google and more. For this edition, we’ve split the topics into three: Political, Business & Ventures; and Practical & Everyday Living.

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The Latest Internet Chatter on Environmental Topics

Raw and un-edited, for Clear the Air this week we’ve curated environmental stories that are being talked about around the world on the internet, bringing together articles from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google and more. Clear the Air is the environmental initiative of Marquette Turner.

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Highlight the Green Credentials of Your Property When Selling

Green-living should be encouraged at all times, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to up the ante when putting your property on the market for sale. Anyone that thinks that there house will sell simply because “it’s green” will be disappointed, but greenness is a valuable attribute that when integrated with other positive facets will be very usefuland may tip the balance when selling.

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Earth Day 40th Anniversary – A San Francisco Bay Area Perspective

International real estate adventurer and our good friend, Jim Walberg, lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in this article he speaks about what the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day means to his community. After decades of focusing our world’s awareness about environmental issues that ALL of us experience each day, has now created a modern 21st century world that understands how we treat our environment is not a dress rehearsal.

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GREEN: Save Water When Doing Household Chores

Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: Australians could save more than 28 billion litres of water per year, the equivalent of 11,000 Olympic swimming pools by changing the way they do their household chore.  For instance, households that hand wash their dishes used a dishwasher, it would save close to 8,000 litres of water per year.  That is the statistic for only one house and one family.  Can you imagine how many kids would be doing other chores, if we all had a dishwasher!

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GREEN: Clear the Air eMagazine Nov 14, 2009

With articles on recycling your jeans to computers, as well as articles on disposable nappies and much more, the Clear the Air eMagazine continues to featured wide and varied green articles of interest.

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