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gold coast population

Sydney Real Estate and Infrastructure: Michael Marquette’s “View from the Bridge”

Sydney real estate, Sydney Infrastructure and New South Wales infrastructure are topics very close to Michael Marquette, the renowned luxury real estate agent that heads up Marquette Turner Luxury Homes. He comments that the regional rail transport is aging, is unreliable and is slower than it was 20 years ago. Surely there is a major problem that needs urgent resolution.

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Queensland Real Estate Report: Positive Population Growth

Queensland real estate is looking positive. Luxury real estate agent Michael Marquette explains that The Gold Coast has grown faster than any other area in Queensland with a population of 497,800 people – growing by more than 110,000 (3.7% annually) in the last 7 years. The Gold Coast is now the 6th largest city in Australia, passing Newcastle, NSW which has grown by only 7,000 in the same period

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Buying Australian Real Estate: Fractional Ownership has Enormous Potential

Michael Marquette looks at the opportunity of fractional ownership of Australian real estate, particularly in relation to Sunshine Coast real estate and Gold Coast real estate. This system of ownership makes a lot of sense, particularly in response to the cost of real estate and compared to time share.

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