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5 Colorful Glass Block Windows Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Are you looking for a fresh and creative way to decorate your interior? Then you might want to consider implementing colorful glass blocks into your design. They are both a popular choice as well as an eco-friendly one, as they are made out of recycled glass. These fantastic blocks are made in a variety of […]

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Modern Furniture Ideas to Inspire you

Modern furniture can mean many things to different people. It might be an ultra-sleek box-like construction with plain fabric or leather upholstery or perhaps vintage furniture, such as G Plan or Shaker style that has been given a modern twist with funky, bold colors or stripes.  Multifunctional modern furniture That being said, modern furniture often […]

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Thumbnail image for Growing Vases Blooming from Flowers by Nendo

Growing Vases Blooming from Flowers by Nendo

For a recent project designers Nendo were challenged with showcasing the artistry of venerable Czech Bohemian glass maker Lasvit’s Glassblowers in an abstract, impractical and incomplete way.

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Thumbnail image for The Glass House in Cape Town

The Glass House in Cape Town

We increasingly find ourselves coming across stunning examples of residential architectural-delight in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. In this case, the owner requested a modern, glamorous, open plan, light-filled house with views from all rooms into the garden and the architects certainly delivered.

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