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get rich quick

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Get Rich Quick? Think Again…

When times are tough, those who are struggling can sometimes be so desperate that the promise of getting rich quickly overrides any sense of caution. Over the years there have been a number of “get rich quick schemes”.   We have had Pyramid Schemes, Chain Letters, Gambling Systems, Betting Systems and the one we all became aware of most recently, the Ponzi System.

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Marquette Turner Luxury Homes is Set to Expand

Are You Tired of Losing Most of Your Hard Earned Commission? Are you sick of subsidizing agents that do not perform as well as you do in your office? We are looking for the best of the best – those that are truly committed to leading the industry. Don’t be left behind! Technology is at […]

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Life Is Great Even When We Feel Things Are Tough!

Forget about the rollercoaster emotional ride of the day-to-day reports of the financial markets around the world, causing financial loss and emotional pain. By taking a step back and looking at what is happening it is staggering that every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger somewhere in the world: – this is the equivalent […]

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