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Middle Gap Road 24, Hong Kong

Three of the World’s Most Expensive Homes for Sale

Every man’s (or woman’s) home is his castle. That’s how the saying goes, right. The team at Factotum.co.uk, in fact say that your home is your core and it reflects your personality and style. But what about when money is no object? When you have a bottomless fund for your home, you can really go to town. […]

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5 of the Most Famous Palaces and Chateau’s in Paris, France

As one of the most visited cities on Earth today and having been at the heart of power for centuries, Paris in France features some of the largest and most famous Palaces and Chateau’s in the world.  Thus, whether you’re planning to visit Paris or are a student of design, architecture or history, these five […]

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How to be a Connoisseur: Best Cheese Pairing with Champagne

With the help of a few friends in various countries and their various palates, the Marquette Turner teamhave compiled a list of cheeses that go excellently with Champagne (or sparkling wine if you happen to be enjoying the bottled fizz from a region other than that in France).

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Charming French Villa with Bar-sur-Loup Views

Located in the gorgeous Cote d’Azure in the south of France, this wonderful villa full of charm, with views onto the Gorge du Loup and Bar-sur-Loup, is situated in a beautiful landscaped garden of almost 1 hectare, incorporating 50 mature olive trees. The property consists of the main 5 bedroom villa and a separate 2 bedroom guest house.

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Location Location: Living on the Edge…Literally

Here’s a selection of six stunning locations, all in Europe, where cities and towns are perched precariously, delicately, but neatly on the edge of rock and cliff faces. Taking advantage of volcanic eruptions of millenium’s past, or gorges from wild flowing rivers, many of these locations were initially established for their natural fort-like characteristics.  Today, many of them are tourist Mecca’s.

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