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foreign investment

Increase in Numbers of Foreign Investors in US Real Estate

A recent survey of the National Association of Realtors in the USA found that in the 12 months to March 2010, agents saw a marked increase in the interest of foreign buyers. Whilst still down from the lofty heights of 2007 when 32% of agents reported contact with foreigners, figures were up 5% to 28% in the 12 months surveyed. Furthermore, actual purchases in the period jumped 6% to 18% which represented $66 billion USD of property, or approximately 7% percent of the total market.

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Australian Real Estate Market Update July 2010

Analysts believe that the drop in auction clearance rates in Australia are showing that prices will fall in the second half of the year. The property market has begun to relax over the last couple of months. Consumer confidence declined 7% in May and the interest rate rises have finally started to have an impact. And, despite new laws being introduced, the cumulative effect will take a long time to materialize.

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How China Deals With a Potential Property Bubble

Never ones to sit on their hands in the face of a potential threat, the Chinese Government have taken action to quell a potential property bubble. The 11 measures imposed will restrict foreign investors and speculators by increasing the “monitoring of capital flow and trans-boundary investment and financing activities so as to prevent credit from entering the real estate sector illegally and stop overseas speculative funds from jeapordizing China’s property market”.

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