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Short sale

Understanding the Basics of a Short Sale

What is a Short Sale? This is a term used in real estate to describe a transaction or home purchase in which the price at which the property is sold is less than what the owner of the property owes as mortgage loan on said property. This therefore means that the lender or mortgage company […]

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Price of Sprawling Las Vegas Estate Cut by a Third

The home, most recently listed for $37.5 million USD, is now asking $25 million USD. It had, at one point, when owned by a Brunei Prince been quietly marketed for $60 million USD and is one of the largest private residences in Nevada. Located five minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, the estate was reportedly […]

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“It” Couple Heidi Klum and Seal Purchase Foreclosed Property

Heidi Klum and Seal obtained this foreclosure in the Brentwood Country Estates, California community following a bidding war last year, reportedly paying significantly more than the $13,400,000 USD asking price.

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Seven US Towns Where Land is Free

As US towns continue to recover from the Global Financial Crisis, some are willing to offer free land as an incentive to buck the city and live in often, the middle of nowhere. As with the homesteaders of the 1800s, the new pioneers must not be the faint of heart—they can’t be the type to shy away from the trials of building a home from the ground up, or unpaved roads for instance.

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US Foreclosure App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The Complete Realty Suite app lists 1.6 million property listings throughout the USA, and allows you to quickly find the most distressed real estate markets. The new foreclosure app searches foreclosures by area, can be accessed quickly by someone standing outside a foreclosed property, and provides users with information about the foreclosed property, including contact information for the Realtor for the home. Designed for for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it is available for Free via the iTunes websites, or directly on the web-enabled device.

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Real Estate: Watergate Hotel to be Sold after Foreclosure Listing

The Watergate Hotel, made infamous by a political scandal that was instrumental in ending President Richard Nixon’s administration in 1972, is likely to be a simple piece of real estate auctioned off very shortly. a piece of architectural history as well as political history, the complex is on the National Register of Historical Places.

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