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Great Ways to Make Your Home Cosier for Winter

As the last of the autumn leaves fall off the trees, it serves as a visual reminder that winter is coming. There are many great things about the winter season, but the cold air can definitely be a negative thing, especially if your home is not winter-ready. But there are a few things you can […]

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Modern Fireplace Design – Get Fired Up About Fireplace Glass

With the cold snaps currently sweeping many parts of the world, those who are snuggled around a fireplace are in a great position to stay warm and cozy. But if your current fireplace setup is failing to ignite your decorative fires, modern updates are within your grasp with the addition of fireplace glass. Completely customizable […]

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Thumbnail image for Interior Design: The Rolling Modern Fireplace

Interior Design: The Rolling Modern Fireplace

Simon Turner of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: Gone are the days when a fireplace is the feature of a particular room. The last few years has seen modern technology allow fireplaces to be moved around, from room-to-room, but the RollFire is the first time we seen one that can be rolled.

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Thumbnail image for Interior Design: The EcoSmart Fireplace

Interior Design: The EcoSmart Fireplace

Environmentally friendly green living is at the front of many designers’ thoughts, and the EcoSmart fire from Australia which utilisies denatured ethanol as its renewable energy source, is stunning at the same time, as luxury real estate agent Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes.

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The carry-on portable fireplace

A fireplace that can be taken anywhere, the ideal comforter, and suitable for pretty much every occasion and location, however, perhaps as a carry-on item for aircraft passengers is not the most practical or legal option, but you get the concept I’m sure. Available from Radius Design this year’s hottest accessory (pun-intended) is available for […]

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