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Personal Finance Tips: What To Consider When Saving Money

Saving money is perhaps one of the most fundamental aspects of anyone’s financial life. For a lot of people, the ability to save money can mean the difference between financial stability and being on the rocks – so being able to save money for emergencies and other expenditure can be extremely essential for anyone. And […]

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Real estate and mortgage broker - Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Sorting Your First Home Loan

In Australia and New Zealand buying your first home can be a challenge, but it is one worth striving for, as there are benefits to home ownership that stretch beyond simply having housing security, but sometimes saving that initial deposit is even harder than paying off the loan.  Very few people can buy a home […]

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Opportunities Abound – 5 Tips for Getting Started in Property Investment

If you’re trying to build a nest egg, property investment is considered one of the most effective and safest long-term methods of doing so. Whether you’re thinking of investing in commercial real estate or fixing up a residential property to flip in the short-term, it’s essential to be well-informed and prepared before making any decisions […]

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The Benefits of Renting a Property Instead of Buying

When it comes to moving into a new property that you can call home, you need to consider whether you are better off buying the real estate or renting it instead. There are pros and cons that are associated with each, but renting may be the better way to go. Continue reading to learn about […]

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Tips to Keep Renovation Costs Down

Even if you set yourself a budget, a renovation project can easily spiral out of control and become much more expensive than you anticipated. It’s important you keep your budget under check, so here are a few tips to keep costs down. Know the difference between remodelling and renovation Many people don’t realise that renovation […]

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New Home? How to Know How Much You Can Afford in the USA

For many new couples, knowing how much they can afford when they purchase a new home can be confusing. This article will focus on some easy tips to help people plan for what they can afford as they house hunt. It can be scary if you are a first time buyer. Did you know that […]

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Talking About Buying Luxury Properties

Although many people believe that luxury properties are not affected by the dynamics of global and local finance, this important real estate segment is not as separate from the rest of the real estate market as you think. It’s Time to Buy Studies have shown that the prices of luxury properties have decreased sharply in […]

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Thumbnail image for The 69th and 70th Microfinance Loan to KIVA by Marquette Turner

The 69th and 70th Microfinance Loan to KIVA by Marquette Turner

Marquette Turner have just made our 69th and 70th microfinance loans to two groups of women in the African nation of Rwanda. Loans are made to micro-finance institutions to help build sustainable businesses to provide income to feed, clothe, house & educate someone in the developing world

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Thumbnail image for KIVA Microfinance Update on Alivera Mukamukiza in Rwanda

KIVA Microfinance Update on Alivera Mukamukiza in Rwanda

Good news from the KIVA Organisation, who have revealed that Alivera Mukamukiza – a recipient of MarquetteTurner microfinance loans- has reached her target loan of $1,025 USD to help expand her business, a general store that sells a large variety of food and other items. Living in Kigali, Rwanda Alivera will use her loan to purchase […]

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Thumbnail image for Our Latest Kiva Microfinance Loan: Augustina’s Group in Ghana

Our Latest Kiva Microfinance Loan: Augustina’s Group in Ghana

Our latest microfinance loan via Kiva.org is our 68th, and is to Augustina’s Group: a group of women in Berekum, Ghana. They plan to invest in food, farming and land by raising $2800 USD and have so far raised 33%.

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