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Thumbnail image for The 69th and 70th Microfinance Loan to KIVA by Marquette Turner

The 69th and 70th Microfinance Loan to KIVA by Marquette Turner

Marquette Turner have just made our 69th and 70th microfinance loans to two groups of women in the African nation of Rwanda. Loans are made to micro-finance institutions to help build sustainable businesses to provide income to feed, clothe, house & educate someone in the developing world

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Thumbnail image for KIVA Microfinance Update on Alivera Mukamukiza in Rwanda

KIVA Microfinance Update on Alivera Mukamukiza in Rwanda

Good news from the KIVA Organisation, who have revealed that Alivera Mukamukiza – a recipient of MarquetteTurner microfinance loans- has reached her target loan of $1,025 USD to help expand her business, a general store that sells a large variety of food and other items. Living in Kigali, Rwanda Alivera will use her loan to purchase […]

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Billionaires Under 30 years old: Do you need a loan?

It is amazing to consider that there are 6 people under the age of 30 who are billionaires in the world. Surprisingly they are spread around the globe – In the USA, Europe, China and The Middle East. The best known to most people is Mark Zuckerberg – the creator of Facebook. The inspiring thing […]

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The Richest 5 People in the World…For Now: A Call To All Australian Entrepreneurs

The world is changing fast. The credit crunch has hit, stocks have plummeted and wealth has been redistributed to where? India!  It’s a global competition and Australians have every opportunity to punch with the very best of them. Out of the 5 wealthiest people in the world, 2 are from India. It is a changing […]

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The 5 qualities that make a leader

The amusingly named Hillbilly PhD blog has a post on the five qualities of leadership: Don’t let circumstances control your behavior Be persistent Assess yourself honestly and thoroughly Learn from failure Follow your purpose. This is my condensation of his entries. As with all such lists, easy to say, harder to do — he cites […]

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