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Making Your Dream Home Environmentally Friendly During Renovations

Finding your dream home is something that many people dream about throughout their entire lives. Some search far and wide to find a property that meets their specific needs and requirements, while others prefer to find a property to renovate.   Suppose you find yourself in the latter position. How would you go about making your dream […]

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How To Make Essential Home Maintenance Tasks Easier This Winter

When winter comes around, you don’t want to be unprepared. The lack of warm weather and daylight hours can make home maintenance feel like even more of a chore than normal. You’ll probably want to do whatever you can to make it easier, so read on to find some handy tips.  Install a smart meter […]

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Impressive exterior makeover ideas for your home

It’s easy to get carried away with the interior of your home and forget what it looks like on the outside. This can mean that the exterior of your property gets neglected. Visitors to your home will not be impressed by a damaged roof, or windows that have seen better days. If you ever want […]

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Which appliances use up the most energy in your home?

Energy bills are something that we all dread, but that we all have to pay. The cost of energy itself is not going to decrease overall, so you need to make sure that you get the best value for money. If you feel as though you do not have the time to shop around for […]

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heating and cooling

Power Efficient Home Offices Can Save Money And Polar Bears

Does your father still use that fancy fishing rod you got him last spring? Did your significant other like the new watch, and that witty custom engraving? Do you enjoy working on your new 4K monitor, sharp enough to slice through a medium rare steak? These might be the perks and gifts you could have […]

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Pros And Cons Of An Oil To Gas Heating Conversion

With winter approaching, you can’t sit on the fence any longer about your heating system. Either you will stick with oil heating for the time being or you have to get moving with your gas conversion. Is a switch worth the money you will spend? Pros of Oil If you heat your house and water […]

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Sustainable Property Development in India

The real estate sector is India is going green. With the changing ecology, green practices are given a lot of importance world over and India is not far behind in this race. Construction and production of construction material cause a great threat to the environment. To tackle that, many top builders and developers are using […]

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Thumbnail image for Brazilian Environmental Concept Rewards Consumers for Saving Water

Brazilian Environmental Concept Rewards Consumers for Saving Water

This eco-living environmental project is novel: Banco Cyan in Brazil monitors consumers’ water usage and rewards them when they manage to cut back.

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Thumbnail image for Sustainable Living News from Clear the Air

Sustainable Living News from Clear the Air

Sustainable Living News from Clear the Air by Marquette Turner curate Twitter & Facebook news on the Environment, Energy, Solar Power, Recycling, Oil, Gas & Real Estate plus much more.

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Good Cause: The $300 Property Project to Help the World’s Poorest

When a desperate need exists, it’s often creativity and ingenuity that can provide the best solution. With an estimated 2 billion people worldwide suffering from some form of housing problem of varying extremes, the $300 House is a project aiming to design functional housing for some of these people.

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