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Could You Be Saving Money on Your Boiler? (Infographic)

Many of the comforts of 21st Century living rely on your boiler. Boilers keep us warm during the winter as we cosy up in our homes and provide us with the hot water we need to enjoy those early morning showers. Yet for many they are a source of hassle and stress that can be […]

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heating and cooling

Power Efficient Home Offices Can Save Money And Polar Bears

Does your father still use that fancy fishing rod you got him last spring? Did your significant other like the new watch, and that witty custom engraving? Do you enjoy working on your new 4K monitor, sharp enough to slice through a medium rare steak? These might be the perks and gifts you could have […]

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Pros And Cons Of An Oil To Gas Heating Conversion

With winter approaching, you can’t sit on the fence any longer about your heating system. Either you will stick with oil heating for the time being or you have to get moving with your gas conversion. Is a switch worth the money you will spend? Pros of Oil If you heat your house and water […]

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Thumbnail image for Environmentally Friendly Remote Control Light Bulbs

Environmentally Friendly Remote Control Light Bulbs

The new light bulbs by Sharp Corporation have high energy efficiency, a long service life (40,000 hours), and are free of hazardous mercury. In addition, when hooked up to a circuit, you can adjust the colour temperature of all of them with a wireless remote control.

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