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eco projects

Pizza is Going Green!

It is so amazing to see the creative ideas of those of us committed to going green. Some concepts are complicated and others like turning off the lights, using cold water and the “green pizza box” are so perfectly simple. Brittany West, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Eco-Project Sky-Terra Skyscrapers: Giving the City Back to the People

To cope with the growing need for green urban space, as cities become increasingly congested and dense, the Sky-Terra super-structure seeks to give city dwellers back the ability to spend time outdoors, exercise and relax. Simon Turner, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Save Money and the Environment with GREENandSAVE

GREENandSAVE is one of America’s leading free ‘Green’ home and office remodeling resources for anyone that wants to save money and the environment as well as create a healthier property and overall lifestyle. Simon Turner, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Island Eco-Resort & Entertainment Project in the Caspian Sea

One of the world’s largest eco-developments is being created on Zira Island in the Caspian Sea, just off the Azerbaijan capital of Baku. Planned as a zero-energy project, the “resort and entertainment” creation will resemble the “seven peaks of Azerbaijan,” each “peak” being buildings covered in solar panels, which will house residential, retail and commercial […]

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Design Competition Launched for “Clear the Air” (with podcast)

monogram-mini-white Marquette Turner continually explores ways of integrating environmentally sustainable practices and standards to ensure that we are minimizing the impact of our business on the environment. So to enforce and represent these practices we are have started a competition to create our logo.

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It’s a Nice Day for a Green Wedding (with podcast)

Wouldn’t it be interesting to be invited to a “Green Wedding”? There are dozens of websites that allow couples to plan their day and give guests all the information they need in electronic format. You can upload photos, tell a story, or point to an online registry.

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Chill Out and Relax on the Eco Oil Rig

Morris Architects, a Houston-based architecture and design firm, recently took top honors for two of their submissions in the Radical Innovation in Hospitality design competition. The grand prize winner, the Oil Rig Platform Resort and Spa makes use of one of 4,000 oil rigs out in the Gulf of Mexico and transforms it into a luxurious eco-resort and spa.

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The Super Tower: The Future Real Estate For Cities

Popular Architecture has developed the Super Tower in response to population growth and the spread of cities. Based on the estimation that London will need to provide housing for 100,000 new people each year up until 2016, this building houses 100,000 in one hit and with the city being the only framework capable of handling burgeoning populations such responses are vital.

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Eco-Haven: The Greening of Governor’s Island, NY

As is becoming a positive trend throughout the world whereby previously unloved lands are being transformed with more than just a green-finger, Governor’s Island in New York is planned to get a seriously extreme-green makeover. The eco-park will comprise of watercourses, restaurants, aquaria, caves for spelunking, snack bars, exhibits, a funicular and botanical centers and will be created in harmony with the landscape.

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