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eco house

When Confronted With Asbestos, All Is Not Lost

When purchasing an older home, there are many things of course to consider. Asbestos is certainly one of them. Used for more than a century as a form of building insulation and piping, homes more than approximately 30 years old have the potential to harbor asbestos. Exposure to asbestos fibers becomes a health concern when […]

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Europe’s Tallest Residential Tower

Istanbul is fast becoming the cosmopolitan city of the moment, and the construction of Sapphire goes to show that this is a city on the move. Billed as Europe’s tallest residential real estate tower (which is a little perplexing given Turkey’s entry into the European Union is currently the subject of debate), it nonetheless is […]

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Thoroughly modern manor house

This innovative eco friendly home in the Cotswold nature reserve, UK has just sold for approx $14.5million The ‘thoroughly modern manor house’, named Orchid House and modelled on a bee orchid found on the reserve, was sold offthe plan recently to an anonymous buyer who is believed to be in the entertainment industry. They will […]

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