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Log home - Mr Handcrafted - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Unique Decorating Ideas for Custom Log Cabins and Log Homes

Living a cozy lifestyle in a naturally well-crafted log cabin is many couple’s dreams. Not only do you feel encompassed by luscious trees and fresh air, you also have a home away from home.  Opting for a home that’s built from strong fresh wood amongst tall trees, is a lifestyle change, compared to thick brick […]

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Local House Painters: Finding the Right House Painting Advice

If you are a homeowner and you’re thinking of renovating your home in terms of painting, you may want to consider a DIY or hiring local painters. If hiring an expert is your option, then of course you will need to know the qualities to look for in these professionals. Yes, there are so many […]

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Top Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in a New House

Decorating any house can be a difficult task. Things are made even more complicated when it is a brand new property that is essentially a blank canvas for you to work on. However, you can make life easier for yourself by understanding some of the top decorating mistakes to be avoided in this type of […]

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Inspiring Eco-Friendly Designs for your Home

Many people have concerns about the future of the planet and are looking for ways to live greener lives. With renewable materials and energy at the forefront of green issues, one of the areas where it is possible to have a positive effect on the environment is within the home. However, eco-friendly does not mean […]

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Thumbnail image for Luxury Timber Bathrooms: Modern Italian Design and Classic Craftsmanship

Luxury Timber Bathrooms: Modern Italian Design and Classic Craftsmanship

With true Italian style the Flora Style Fusion bathroom line creates a polished blend of elegance and intricacy using the most sumptuous and smooth of timber materials. The Italian company creates unique pieces with imprinted veneer designs of exceptional quality, masterfully melding contemporary forms and design with classic craftsmanship.

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"My husband and I are planning on renovating our home. How do we make it as stress free as possible?"

Are you aware of your partner’s preferences for colours, designs, styles? You will be after you’ve been dragged through endless decorating supply shops and they are still searching for “that perfect colour or they will know it when they see it”. “It is incredibly stressful,” says Simon Turner of Marquette Turner Estate Agents. “There’s no […]

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