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cost of living

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Five Great Reasons to Buy a Luxury Condo in Montreal

If you’re considering making a change, why not move to the bustling and cultural centre that is Montreal? With so much that the city has to offer, both in terms of places to live and things to do, it really is no surprise that so many people move there from other areas of Canada and […]

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Thumbnail image for How Much Do We Spend on Food and Dining?

How Much Do We Spend on Food and Dining?

The clever people over at Column Five recently partnered with Mint.com and Akorn.tv to visually display how much Mint users spend each month on eating and drinking in a project called “Eat, Drink and Be Thrifty”.

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The Daily Cost of Living

Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: Are you finding your daily basic living costs are getting more and more expensive?  Is your back pocket being hit far more than ever? Here’s some of the daily costs in Sydney, Australia – how do they compare to where you live?

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The Seven Deadly Sins – One of them is Greed

It’s amazing to look at what has happened over the last 18-24 months with regard to oil pricing. It was announced earlier in the year that it was almost a certainty that the price of petrol/gas would reach $8 a litre in the next 12 months in Australia. Like most other people around the world […]

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Sign of the Times: The Billboard House

With plenty of commotion of recent times regarding the cost of living, maybe this offering from Single House Front Architects is a solution. Whilst your life would certainly be on show, the billboard-influenced home, designed for a single occupant, could enable your address to change with the seasons or even your mood. Whether you’re looking […]

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