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Monochrome Magic: Black and White Bedroom Design

The black and white monochrome look first hit the fashion scene back in the 1960’s. Since then, it’s never really left us. But, while it’s been on the down-low for the past few years, black-and-white is front and centre again this year as could be seen during the New York Fashion Week. As we all know, […]

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How to Choose Your Colours Wisely – Using the Power of Colour in Your Home

Choose your Colours Wisely – Using the power of colour in your home Have you ever wondered why restaurants with brick-red walls have such an inviting atmosphere, or why corporate high flyers love wearing black? Colours have more influence than you think, and choosing the right shades for your home can make all the difference. […]

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How Smart Paint Choices Can Make Your Home More Luxurious

If you are considering a complete home renovation, you will surely need to consider viable paint colors before you embark on the process. If you are also thinking about installing new hardwood floors and picking out new furniture, your walls will need to match the surrounding decor. By choosing the proper paint colors, your house […]

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