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Home hygiene tips for healthier living

As cooler weather starts to blow in and the temperature begins to drop, people become more conscious of their health and prevention from catching illnesses. Many people wash their hands more frequently, avoid door handles, and stay away from large crowds of people where germs could be jumping around. One place you may not think […]

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Keeping your bathroom clean at all times

Cleaning the bathroom is never fun. Some roommates and family members often fight about it while others take turns to clean. If the bathroom is your least favourite space in your entire home to clean, you’re not alone. It can be messy, germy and sometimes smelly. Scrubbing the bathroom isn’t a pleasant chore but it’s […]

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Declutter Your Home in Seven Steps

A cluttered home isn’t the same thing as a messy home. When you clean a messy home it is clean. But if you clean a cluttered home it somehow still doesn’t feel clean. You know the junk is still close by, ready to burst out from that storage cupboard straining on its hinges. Decluttering your […]

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