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caribbean island realty

Carribean Property Market Booming

Sales volumes throughout the Carribean Islands have increased by a massive eighteen percent (18%) according to Marquette Turner Luxury Homes’ partner, Jim Walberg (Carribean Islands Realty). Mr Walberg said, “more than ninety percent (90%) of transactions have involved foreigners in the less than $3 million market (US) throughout the Caribbean. Most homes were purchased using […]

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Thumbnail image for Fractional Ownership: Owning Luxury Real Estate For Minimal Cost

Fractional Ownership: Owning Luxury Real Estate For Minimal Cost

One of the key points to come out of the Luxury Real Estate Conference I attended in Paris, was the rapid move toward fractional ownership for Luxury property. In Tuscany, Italy there has been a twenty to thirty percent (20%-30%)increase in the number of properties sold through fractional ownership.

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Where The Hot People Go To Be Cool: The Caribbean

Even in difficult global economic times, property in the Caribbean is unsurprising still sought after: the sun, the sand, and the opportunity are the pick of the Northern Hemisphere any time of year. The change, however, are the buyer’s of Caribbean property: this time last year it was the British baby-boomers who were flocking to […]

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