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Is Your Sleeping Position Affecting Your Health? 

It’s common knowledge that getting proper sleep is an important contribution to our overall health and wellbeing. Without it, we go through our days groggily, lose our concentration easily, and don’t have energy for life’s daily activities. However, when we consistently get seven to nine hours of sleep each night we expect our energy levels […]

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Maintaining a More Efficient Bedroom

Our bedrooms are the first sight we see in the mornings and the last before we go to sleep. Yet, we often allow our sleeping sanctuaries to become cluttered spaces filled with everything from laundry to yesterday’s coffee cups. To maintain the tranquillity of our bedrooms, it is important to keep clutter out. Not only […]

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Thumbnail image for The Zip Bed by Italian Design Company Florida Furniture

The Zip Bed by Italian Design Company Florida Furniture

Instead of cleaning up a bedroom, some people throw their stray clothing into a closet. Instead of organizing shelves and drawers, some people pile their belongings in the basement. And instead of making their bed, some people get a Zip Bed. The Zip Bed, from the Italian design company Florida Furniture, is ideal for people […]

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