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Next To Nothing: US Interest Rates Close To Zero

The US Federal Reserve has set key interest rates to a record low zero to 0.25% in a desperate bid to stimulate the US economy which is looking increaingly sick Rates are likely to remain this low for quite some time, the Fed stated. The cut brings the federal funds rate to the lowest level […]

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The Great Australian Tax Grab

How’s this for short-sightedness: The New South Wales Government’s infinite wisdom to increase taxes by $3.6 billion AUD to compensate for their years of inept mismanagement of states coffers will have a huge impact on the property sector at a time when it can least afford it. NSW Labor Premier Nathan Rees and Treasurer Eric […]

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2009: Imagine What Could Happen

It’s worth imagining what 2009 could bring. I am a not a pessimist but it is worth glaring into the crystal ball and letting go of today and dreaming – dreaming it is December 2009. Has the US Fed pumped trillions of dollars into the US economy and what has been the result? Have property […]

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On The Cards: Another Australian Interest Rate Cut

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will meet on Tuesday 2 December and, the Marquette Turner team expect, they will make a fourth consecutive cut to the official interest rate. A survey of 18 economists by the Australian Associated Press revealed the following: All 18 economists believe the RBA will cut interest rates 11 economists […]

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The Latest MTLH e-magazine: Thanksgiving

“Bailout” has been named as the “Word of the Year”, being the word that has been searched the most in online dictionaries and has become suddenly infused into daily language.  “Turmoil” was up there too! Things may be worse than they were perhaps a year ago, but please take a moment to think of all […]

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Pete Sampras Sells His Californian Home

Whatever level of real estate, at whatever price, there are still numerous stories of people that, whilst not necessarily “doing it tough” are still struggling to find success in the current real estate market. The world’s greatest ever tennis player, Pete Sampras (based on Grand Slam titles I must add, before I get heaps of […]

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Just how much is $US700 billion?

With both the United States’ Senate and House of Representatives having approved the $700 billion bailout of the US economy, and President George W Bush having signed the act into law quicker than you could blink, now begins the blame game to see how this crisis snuck up upon so many. I, however, thought I’d […]

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