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australian property outlook

Thumbnail image for Australian Interest Rates at Lowest Level in History

Australian Interest Rates at Lowest Level in History

The Reserve Bank has slashed interest rates to the lowest level in history to 4.25%. The Reserve Bank cut rates by a full 100 basis points (1%), making property an attractive option for those in search of investment options given the volatility of the stock market. Australian interest rates have averaged over 8% for the […]

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Breaking News: Australian Interest Rates Cut

Finally the pressures upon Australians will be eased and we have a reason to look positively at the property market in 2008. As commented yesterday by Simon Turner in his Word on the Street article, The Reserve Bank of Australia at 2.30pm today announced that they would cut interest rates by 0.25% (25 basis points). […]

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Marquette Turner’s “Real Estate Radar”

Marquette Turner’s real estate radar® hones-in on property news to keep your finger on the pulse, and with interest rate cuts on the cards, our news couldn’t be more timely! A report conducted by the Real Estate Institute of Australia in June 2008 has showed that housing affordability has fallen across every Australian State and […]

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