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Buying a new home - Marquette Turner

Top Features Your Real Estate App Needs To Have

Any business that serves customers directly and that deals with customer data would be very wise to consider using a mobile app. This also holds true for real estate businesses and agents. Today, more people than ever are using mobile apps to research and buy homes and property, especially who are either millennials or members […]

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Calculating the Value of Your Home’s Contents

While house insurance will help to make sure that the structural value of your home is protected, it’s also quick and easy to get cover for your most prized possessions. The challenge however can be calculating the value of these items. Many people take a quick glance around their home and think, “I don’t have […]

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Smart Apps for Your Home

If your home could speak it would probably say the most outrageous things. After all, it is where you spend most of your private time. We live in a world where technology has become our third hand; helping us in any shape way or form. You could be sitting in your office, and then with […]

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5 Apps to Help You Find Your Dream Home

Home shopping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. In this article, we list and describe some apps that make the home shopping process a whole lot easier. Some of them help you find the perfect dream home, while others help you understand the fine tunings of […]

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Smartphone App Allows you to Visualize New Property Developments

Deliverance Software has developed a new app, Walkabout3d, that provides 3D panoramas allowing users a glimpse of how their surrounding may appear once planned building projects have reached their completion. It is available for free download onto your iPhone or iPad via the iTunes app store

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Use the Pulse App on Your iPhone or iPad to Read Marquette Turner Articles

Pulse News Reader is a stylish and easy-to-use news aggregator app that’s free on iTunes. It’s simple, it’s free, and it makes keeping up to date with Marquette Turner articles, as well as your other favourite news sites, a visual and simple delight.

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The Radio Caroline iPhone app

Proving that “iconic” doesn’t necessarily mean “old”, Radio Caroline, whom Marquette Turner Luxury Homes have recently announced a marketing agreement, have launched their iPhone App allowing you to not only listen to great music in high fidelity stereo in your car, on the train, the bus, the beach or anywhere you choose anywhere in any part of the world with a 3G or Wi-Fi signal

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