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Sydney-siders about to get the chance to relive the Olympic Dream

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

The site of Sydney’s 2000 Olympics in Homebush, for many years the subject of ideas, derision, and abject disinterest, is now slated to be part of the NSW Government’s plan to ease the much-commented housing shortage by the construction of high-rise buildings for residents and a place of work for many more.

The Sydney Olympic Park Draft Master Plan 2030 will increase the residential population of the location from 3000 to 14,000 in 22 years and will include up to 28,500 jobs in the construction.

The master plan allows for an average building height of 25 storeys, and has been welcomed by town planning experts, who comment that by keeping homes and jobs to transport routes will limit the urban sprawl that is causing the clogging of Sydney’s roads.

Nonetheless, train and bus services will need to be increased dramatically and current public services will need to take into account the impact many new people will have.

The draft plan, which is on exhibition for public feedback, envisions residential and commercial towers in the central precinct near Herb Elliott Avenue. Building more apartments in the Parkview precinct near Australia Avenue and adjacent to Boundary Creek is also part of the plan.

The stadiums and sports arenas would remain unchanged but new accommodation for more than 5000 students would be built inside the athletic centre precinct. The site’s 10,000 parking spaces would be retained. New facilities such as playing fields, libraries, childcare centres and parks would be paid for by developers.

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