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Sydney Real Estate Agent Michael Marquette: My Little Sister Expose (part 9)

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Expose

I was six and a half when my sister was born. I still remember receiving the phone call at around 2.30am in the morning at my Nan’s house and being told that I had a new baby sister. I was excited but I’d wanted a brother but soon got past that and just wanted to go and see her.

I had been an only child up to that point so it was a little strange that my parents were paying so much attention to this new baby. I loved nursing her and feeding her the bottle and in hindsight I guess it really helped me connect with my little sister. On the first or second day that my sister came home from the hospital she was crying a little and the bassinette was in my parents’ room.

I snuck into their room and lifted her out and took my sister to the lounge where I nursed and cuddled her. I had no idea that she was starting to whimper because she was hungry and needed a bottle and I thought by taking her out I’d give my parents a chance to sleep in a little longer. It’s funny how young minds work looking back but I do remember this as clearly as if it happened yesterday.

Obviously my solution of watching the Smurfs and holding my little newborn sister didn’t stop her from crying and my mother came out of her room shocked that both of her children were on the lounge. I explained what I had done and she politely explained that the baby was crying but thanked me for trying and being thoughtful.


I spent much of my childhood with my young sister although there was a fairly large age difference. We went skateboarding down the drive together, built cubby houses and generally had fun being together. We played dolls (yes I can admit that), made all sorts of “new” inventions that we were sure would change the world and used our imaginations to have a lot of fun.

My sister’s name is Kristy and she is now 26 years old. I’m extremely proud of her and even more touched by her continued support and love. She has worked hard for what she has achieved and is a meticulous planner. Too often we have people in our lives that inspire us and we forget to tell them – I can say Kristy that I love you and you are an inspiration to me!



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