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Sydney Real Estate Agent: Michael Marquette Moves from Newcastle to Sydney (Expose part 7)

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Expose

Part 7 – My move to “The Big Smoke”

In 1999 I was still living in Newcastle but the frequency of car trips to Sydney was increasing rapidly. I found I was intrigued and excited about this City that was around 10 times larger than where I had grown-up, studied and worked.

The car ride took around 2 hours each way to make a 4 hour round trip. I was lucky to share the driving with my partner which was a brilliant thing, given the distance we were driving. Looking back at some of that traveling I can’t help but be thankful we are still alive. Lack of sleep and the amount of traveling we were doing were not compatible and I definitely couldn’t do it if it were happening now.


The nightlife was exciting and the people seemed to all be having a heap of fun. That was a very naïve view looking back but it was something that attracted me to Sydney all the same. With increased visits came increased accommodation costs – staying in hotels or bed and breakfasts once or twice each week can really add up quickly.

So in March 2000 we made the big move and spent a month or so at the Chelsea Guest House (A boutique guest house in Darlinghurst) while we worked out where we wanted to live. That in itself was a crazy experience but one I look back on fondly. The two guys who ran the guest house were great hosts and I still see them occasionally which is nice.


Trying to fit in work which never stopped, dinners and nights out with new friends and finding a new home kept us very busy. My first permanent Sydney home was at the Wharf in Woolloomooloo – I remember the day we moved in and the day we moved out. The building is stunning but not an easy one to move furniture in and out of – the joys of moving!

It was the start of my life in many ways as I know it now. I love Sydney very much and I find it very addictive – in a good way. While it isn’t as large as New York, London or Paris it is without question one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I am very thankful to be here.


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