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Sustainable Property Development in India

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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The real estate sector is India is going green. With the changing ecology, green practices are given a lot of importance world over and India is not far behind in this race.

Construction and production of construction material cause a great threat to the environment. To tackle that, many top builders and developers are using resource efficient methods in design, operation and construction techniques. These methods are not only beneficial for the residents but also help conserve our already scarce natural resources.

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Real estate in India is going through a gradual shift and moving towards sustainable ways. For large corporations this is an important part of their corporate social responsibility activities. Even smaller organizations are now moving towards greener ways with increasing consciousness. If you are a builder or an individual looking to construct a house, these are a few basic green techniques you can adopt.

  • Installing solar panel at home is one of the most efficient ways to save energy. Photovoltaic equipment might incur some initial cost but they help reduce your bills in the long-term;
  • Green roofs are roofs of a house partially or completely covered with foliage. This keeps the house cool and looks appealing too;
  • Water is a scarce natural resource and conservation of use of rain water can help reduce waste. Rain water harvesting captures rain water from the roof of the house, which could be used for all domestic needs. You can ask your builder to create a provision for a rain water harvesting unit. This is a very cost effective green approach you can apply.

These are very basic techniques but, consult an expert for more sophisticated technology for reduced energy consumption in households. Today there are many other ways in which you can find specialized techniques depending on the locality, type of housing and the country you reside in. If you are looking to buy properties in India then make sure you understand the geography and ecological system of the location you intend to invest.

Eco-Living articles on MarquetteTurner.com and Clear the Air

There needs to be some basic research in place on the amount of rainfall and the span of seasons. With side wide topography in a country like India, every other state has its own weather trends. Keep this in mind before investing in any technology, some of which can be a very expensive choice. You should aim at building low-energy houses i.e., houses that consume some energy from traditional sources whilst the rest is produced with the help of sustainable technology. A zero energy house is the ideal space to live in as the energy consumed is the energy produced.

Though sustainable methods incur medium to high installation cost, it offers many economical benefits in the long run. Apart from saving energy and water, it helps in reducing electricity costs and also increasing the value of your property therewith.

Green methods are becoming prevalent in construction techniques too. Builders have started using green concrete to build residential and commercial building. With corporate and individual moving towards a greener tomorrow, adapting these little changes in your home plan can come a long way.

Author Bio:

Ramesh Yadav is a real estate professional and also a blogger. He researches current real estate market trends. He prefers to invest money in Indian real estate.


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