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Sustainable Downsizing: Have Your McMansion Reincarnated

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Architecture, Design & Trends, Eco-Living, Variety

The McMansion Reincarnated is the brain child of architect/artist Matt Gallois. He proposes to take your existing McMansion, pull it apart and architecturally rebuild it using the original materials and sustainability principles. New dwellings include solar panels, insulation and water tanks and the entire process will be zero emission.

Benefits to the owner include dramatically reduced energy bills, better utilization of space – for example a unit can be built and rented-out, elderly family members can move in and your property value can increase.

To qualify to have your McMansion Reincarnated the floor space of your home must exceed 360sqm, council must allow dual occupancy in a residential zone and you will need to make a financial contribution to the project to match sponsorship, around $200,000.

Visit the site: Reincarnated McMansion

Or email reincarnatedmcmansion@gmail.com

Christine Watson

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