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Surprisingly great places to travel and live

by emily

in Eco-Living, Emily Apple, Good Causes, Guest article, Housing, Lifestyle, Variety

We all want to live in places that feel right to us: whether in terms of temperature, business and income, views, or whatever. Perhaps we want to visit and remain in places for years to come, or merely travel. Most of us can name off-by-heart those places we want to go, seen from films, documentaries, books. Yet, there are also other places we miss that are off the beaten track, yet are equally, if not more, beautiful and wondrous as the more popular places. To make a home in places away from the hustle and bustle could not only be good for your health, but also the planet’s.

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When people think of Alaska, no doubt the cold is the first thing that comes to mind. Why would anyone even think of such places to live? For some people, the place just fits. But that doesn’t mean Alaskans don’t have to deal with some pretty incredible environmental issues.

As GreenBuildingAdvisor points out: “Residential builders in Alaska have at least two major sources of motivation to build homes efficiently and with first-rate performance characteristics. One is the short building season. The other, of course, is Alaska’s Arctic cold.”

Efficiency often aligns with green and eco-friendly, due to restraints and consideration. However, due to the perception that it’s cold and unliveable, this is precisely why you should consider at least visiting. You’ll know that many of the houses being built or already built are done so well – due to the necessity of the environment. (Even if some buildings are starting to show their age).

Amazon Rainforest

One documentary filmmaker writes: “Life in the Amazon is a simple story of survival, finding yourself and being at one with the world whilst emerging your senses in nature’s blessings. No currency. No buildings. No politics. No problems. I experienced life like it was in the beginning of time with one of the most primitive tribes.”

Amazon Rainforest Amazon Rainforest (Photo credit: CIFOR)

Another writer, this time a Londoner who first visited the Amazon when he was 18, writes: “It’s been eight years since my first trip and I’ve now spent about half my adult life in the jungle. In fact, I now run the research station I originally visited… My wife… comes with me too. There’s not really a way to separate me from the jungle at this point.”

Life here is difficult but possible. It is, as the first writer describes, like stepping back in time. And precisely due to this removal, it is also very unique. Not everyone can maintain this life and not everyone should. But it is a possibility, even if it means making your life between. It takes a special kind of person to do so, yet it remains a constant option.


Cape Town and Durban

If you want some measure of security in the confines of a city, while also having access to wildlife, South Africa as a whole is a good place. With its cosmopolitan cities, like Cape Town; it’s humid coastal areas like Durban; it’s wildlife filled landmarks, South Africa is the perfect destination to explore for those wanting something that is literally off the beaten track – but also anchored to the confines of civilization.

And it’s not just about civilization, but a green one. When you look at houses for sale in Soweto, for example, you will also find it lauded as being eco-friendly area. With unique flora and fauna, the South African government has a firm stance on all manner of its environmental policies.

Though it has a high incoming tourism, there is still ample room for retiring and many do find their way here – thanks to the benefits of the currency exchange, the friendliness of the people and diversity of the landscape within one country.


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