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Supply & Demand

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

When you market your property, you need to employ a strategy that can run counter to your emotional perception of the home’s value.

This sometimes means listing at a price far below what you have emotionally anchored upon.

Like any commodity, a home’s price will follow supply-and- demand trends. In theory, custom homes in desirable neighborhoods should hold their value. Other properties should be discounted depending on how many similar homes or untis are on the market.

Every market is different, though. If there are no “bites” even after only a week of marketing, then drastic action is required. Most agents will wait until week 4 (or after the auction!) to tell you that, in actual fact, the good news that they had been telling you no longer applies.

Do not wait until your property is stale before adjusting the strategy as by then you may have missed the boat. This also requires you as a vendor to be pragmatic and commercial (but not bullied of course into accepting a price that you are unhappy with). Simon Turner

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