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Summer Shakeup – Top Tips to Spruce up your Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Variety

Are getting bored of the same old style and want to shake things up a bit for Summer? Well, giving your home some TLC doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul the look of your interior, but small changes can have big impacts. As such, here’s how to make simple changes that will have a big impact on your home and won’t break the bank.

Update Fabrics

Ditch the dark cushion covers and heavily patterned curtains and replace them with light and airy fabrics that bring your home to life. You can also make the room look bigger by investing in some window blinds that control the heat and create a cool haven from the overbearing sun outside. A new rug can also make a big difference to the room by absorbing the noise and adding a softer element when you have a hardwood or tiled floor.


Reluctant to throw things away? You’re not alone, we all tend to keep hold of items we don’t really need. So once in a while take the time to declutter and have a clear out. Remove all unnecessary knick-knacks to leave as much space on the surfaces as possible- this will make cleaning easier too. Also think about decluttering larger items. Do you have any furniture you don’t use? Could you put them in storage or upcycle them? Open spaces in your home will create the illusion of a bigger room.


Nothing instantly updates the room more than a fresh lick of paint. Whether you repaint with the same colour to sharpen up or choose a new bolder colour you’re sure to spruce up for summer and impress. When painting it’s vital to prep- smudges and drops of paint on the floor aren’t what you want. Be sure to use masking tape to tape off all the edges and cover everything else before making a start. Also consider you’re updated fabrics, do they compliment each other? If you’re unsure do a test patch, let it dry and check before finishing off the rest of the walls.

Revamp the Kitchen Cabinets

Giving the kitchen a makeover these days doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. If you have some time on your hands you can give the most popular room in the house an overhaul yourself with this this simple project. You’ll need to prepare the kitchen cabinets by sanding them to make the wood more porous before you choose whether you’d like to restain them or paint them a different colour. There’s a wide range of different coloured stains and paints available so you can choose a colour that reflects your summer shake up. If you’re going with the European style you could even leave the doors off- French chic at it’s finest.

Make your own Wall Art

You don’t have to have an established artist to create beautiful wall art that can be displayed in your home. Bring a personal touch to your room by using everyday materials to produce unique pieces that will have all of your friends and family wanting one. All you need is some time to yourself to let your creative juices flow and who know what the outcome will be. Top tip- Frame different fabrics to create exclusive wall art that compliments your other soft furnishings.

Go Green

There’s a massive range of different indoor plants that you can bring into your home to shake things up. Whether you have a lot of space or not there’s a plant that’s ideal for your home. Some stand tall and have large spiky leaves whilst others hang subtly whilst creating an intriguing centre piece to a room. There’s also a range of hardy indoor plants for those who may not be so green fingered proving that there really is an indoor plant for everyone.


Enjoy the feeling of a brand new home without the hassle of moving by following these handy tip for a summer shake up. Fall in love with home improvement again and enjoy the benefits of all your hard work.

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