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Struggling to sleep with the heat? Tips for keeping your bedroom cool this summer

by emily

in Lifestyle

Summer is wonderful, until it comes to those dreadfully warm evenings. There’s not much worse than tossing and turning in your bed because of the heat. And, especially for people who don’t have aircon in their bedrooms, trying to keep yourself and your bedroom cool is an absolute nightmare.

Here are a few tips for keeping your bedroom fit for summer:

  • Choose bedding

The bedding you choose is one of the biggest contributors to your body overheating. As much as you love the feeling of satin, silk or polyester sheets, try and save those materials for cooler nights. To keep your body cool, cotton bedding is the ultimate choice. This light-weight material is designed for ventilation, making it more breathable and better for your health. It’s always great to have a light bed quilt for the early mornings when temperatures drop. Roll it down to your feet and only use it when you’re feeling cold.

  • Turn off the lights

This is not an old wives tale, it’s true and a good experiment to try out. When you switch off the lights in your bedroom, you will immediately decrease the amount of heat that is generated. Luckily, summer allows plenty of natural light to peek into your bedroom, so try and take advantage of that. Also, use energy saving bulbs as they’ll save you money on your electricity bill and let off less heat.

  • Make use of a fan

If you do not have an aircon, make your own. Well, try at least. It all depends on your budget, but no matter how big or small, it is worth getting a fan to help circulate the air in your bedroom. The only problem is that when the air in the bedroom is warm, it’s not much help. In these moments, try putting a bowl of ice water a distance away from your fan. This will ensure that the air generated by the fan is cool and soothing on your body. Make sure that you don’t position the fan too close to your face, as people who suffer from sinus problems may be affected.

  • Green your space

Adding some greenery to your bedroom not only influences the look and feel, but these plants can have a positive effect on your sleeping patterns. When your bedroom is filled with heat, these plants will remove toxins and increase the oxygen in the air. For example, the snake plant is one of the few plants that release oxygen into the air at night, and the Areca palm plant is known to increase humidity in the air. Choose your plants according to their features and not necessarily based on their looks. Other therapeutic plants like Lavender and Jasmine are also ideal for your bedroom.  

  • Colour for cool

Colour is a massive factor in any bedroom or room layout. You’ll be surprised at how much a colour can impact the ambience and mood of your bedroom. For example, when you sleep in a simplistic, white room with little furniture and light bedding, you naturally feel calm and relaxed. Not only does colour influence your ability to sleep, but subconsciously, you are also being impacted by the contents in your room. No matter how much you love a dark, deep colour, try to stick to light and airy colours on the walls and with your furniture for a relaxing feel. You can always change up your bedding if need be.

  • Turn off unnecessary electronics

For safety reasons and for heat generation, while you are at work, do not leave your electronics running. Power down your computers and televisions during the day and only turn them on when you need to. Switch on your fan once you arrive at the house, otherwise, you’ll be using an appliance unnecessarily which is only eating up your electricity and causing more heat in your home. This goes hand-in-hand with your lights. Don’t leave the house without switching off your lights.

In conclusion

Apart from making these small adjustments to your bedroom, you also need to consider your own choices and how they can influence your body heat. Make sure that you sleep in cotton underwear and pyjamas so that you let off minimal heat. Another tip is to keep some water next to your bed. Whenever you’re feeling hot, just take a sip of your water to cool your body down. Keep your windows open and keep the cool breeze and fresh air blowing through the room. A well-ventilated room is essential for sleep, so do not close your bedroom windows or door to survive the heat. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sleep at all.

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