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Street Price Record by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Marquette Turner, Money & Business, News & Views

Selling a beautiful home is one of the best parts of a real estate career. The search for a buyer can at times be frustrating for real estate agents and vendors.

With so much negative media surrounding real estate and the greater economy I am even more excited that we have just set a street record for the highest price ever paid for a home in Lander Street Darlington.

Magazine-9828_8 Lander St Darlington_100_671.jpg

WebSite-9828_8 Lander St Darlington_100_580.jpg

WebSite-9828_8 Lander St Darlington_100_554.jpg

The property is stunning. It was restored and renovated with exceptional attention to detail and it was exciting to be involved in selling such a special home. It’s a good news story to lift the spirits of anyone trying to sell their home right now and something that both Christine Watson and I are very proud of. It’s also wonderful to see vendors and buyers overcoming obstacles in a genuine and very human way.

View the property HERE


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