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Speed Renting: Speed Dating to Find Your Room Mate

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Real Estate Radar, Variety

Speed dating has been around for a while, allowing singles to meet, mix and match in quicktime.

New Zealand company Speedrenting has gone one step further, setting up events for would-be room mates at bars in Auckland and Wellington.

Users of Speedrenting’s service begin by showing up at one of the firm’s hour-long events and signing up.  For the low price of $12 NZD (which includes a free glass of vino or beer to get everyone in the mood) participants then scan the room for people with opposing “Matchcards” (one group of people are obviously looking for a place to live, the others have rooms on offer).

Individuals then meet and chat briefly, and then within the next 24 hours participants send a text message to Speedrenting indicating the individuals, if any, they’d like to meet again.

And, for some lucky people, they can then take the next steps to become room-mates!

The New Zealand operation plans to expand, whilst similar companies such as Flatmate Meetup in Chicago and Easyroommate’s FlatNightFever in London offer a similar opportunity.

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