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Speaking with Debby Speelziek – Home Building Is More Than Just a Career

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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“I really think a family’s home is one of the most special and sacred things there is,” Debby Speelziek begins as we sit down to talk about her career as a Canadian homebuilder. “I mean just think of your childhood home and all the warm, joyful memories that it held and provided. Is there anything more special than that?”

Debby Speelziek makes a very good point and it’s one that continues to be brought up as we talk about her career in the home building business. As a Canadian homebuilder who’s worked in the business since the 1980s and who’s enjoyed the responsibility of developing a number of residential communities in and around the Brantford, Ontario area, inquiring as to what motivated Debby Speelziek during her more than twenty years in the business proves incredibly interesting and insightful.

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From Design Stage to Final Inspection

“As President of a home construction company [Annspel Holdings, Ltd.], I was involved in nearly every step in the home building process in each one of my projects, from the design stage all the way to final inspection. And in each stage, the thought of how families would eventually live in the homes that I was building, and how they would enjoy them, was not far from my mind.” Debby Speelziek then adds, “I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m also interested in interior design. In some ways, it’s an extension of the same interest.”

As we come to learn, Debby Speelziek is, and always has been, a stickler for the details, even when working and overseeing large, multi-phase development projects. “That’s one thing that I had to learn to control after a while,” mentions Ms. Speelziek. “I mean when overseeing the development of large residential communities, there’s only so much detail you can take in and still keep on schedule.”

But, Debby Speelziek is then quick to add a caveat. “But, when I’m working on a development project, even if I can’t lend a guiding hand to every little, single detail, I still want to make sure that my team and I are creating quality work. Above all, I want to make sure that we are building houses that will be comfortable to live in and that people will want to move in to. In my book, that’s one of the most important considerations there is.”

Building Energy Efficient Homes

Debby Speelziek then points to the topic of energy efficiency as it relates to home building. “When I’m building homes, above all else, I want to make sure that what I’m constructing will be energy efficient. I want to make sure that the homes I build will not only withstand our harsh winters, but will also retain as much energy and heat as possible during the winter months.”

In mentioning this point, Debby Speelziek again ties the point to the idea of constructing quality homes, and homes that families will want to live in and be comfortable in. Debby Speelziek then sums it up, “In the end, home builders are not constructing malls or factories. They are building houses that Canadian families will be moving into and turning into homes. There’s something incredibly sacred about that, and as a homebuilder, you definitely do not want to ruin such a special experience by building a poor quality or poorly designed house.”

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