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Space-saving furniture to have in your home

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design

There never seems to be enough space in the home for the mountain of things that need a place to be stored. And the constant buying of containers, dividers and jars don’t seem to be helping at all. If anything, they’re taking up more space themselves. The secret to an organised and spacious home is through space-saving pieces of furniture.

Items that serve more than one purpose or act as secret and subtle storage space are the kinds of furniture you need in your home.

Lounge furniture


When it comes to looking for lounge furniture to place in the house or apartment, you need to be clever about it. Yes, you could buy a single-purpose couch for people to sit on and maybe uncomfortably sleep on. Or you could invest in a sleeper sofa that doubles as both a bed and a couch. This way you won’t have to worry about turning friends or family away when they ask to stay over. Also, there won’t be an entire spare bedroom to worry about tidying up once they’ve left either. It will be a simple fold-up and bedding pack away.  

You could even buy a couch with a daybed underneath that can be pulled out and used at your convenience. Then you won’t even have to worry about packing bedding away, simply slide it back underneath the couch. If the lounge is for lounging, who’s really going to complain about a little bedside hack?

And don’t underestimate the storage space of a TV wall unit. Having a TV unit in your lounge hides cable clutter, magazines, DVDs (if you still have those) and random odds and ends that have no other place in the house. It can also be used as a place to home your figurines and pot plants to add some décor aspect to the room.



Perfect for bedroom or lounge décor, seating and, in the best cases, storage. Nobody has the room to place an ottoman in their home without storage space. If you’re going to lose space by buying one, you might as well buy one you can put things inside of to make up for lost space.

It’s perfect for throw blankets and pillows, children’s toys, books, off-season clothes and pretty much every other space consuming item in the house. And, there, you have another dual purpose item of furniture in your house.

Drawers for days


When in doubt, drawer it out. You can’t go wrong with drawers and pull-out furniture.

  • Bedroom: Drawers in the bedroom don’t always come in the form of dressers and side tables. You can install drawers in the base of your bed and have usable storage space under the bed. Think about the children’s rooms. They won’t be able to sweep their mess under the bed anymore. Yes, they may stuff it into the drawers, but at least it will be completely out of sight. This space can be used when cupboard shelves are full, shoe closets are overflowing and not knowing where to keep the bedroom linen. Super handy and space-saving.
  • Kitchen: Most kitchens have drawers for the cutlery, dishcloths and plastic packets. But have you thought about having your bins in a drawer? No one really enjoys seeing their rubbish and the bin holding their rubbish somewhere in the kitchen where they make food. The easy solution for getting it out of sight and opening the kitchen’s floor space is by building a drawer tall enough to house the bin and integrate the lid into the counter. If you have an island in your kitchen you can also add drawers and shelves in to maximise space and cleverly put things out of the way.



A quick way to get clutter off of the floor and onto the walls is through shelves. Shelves are how to display the items that don’t yet have a place in the house by, literally, putting them on a pedestal and out there for everyone to see. And this means that wherever you were storing it before is useful again.

Books, art, jewellery, toiletry items, spices, drinks, trinket trays, photographs, glasses and so much more, can be placed on shelves all over the house. Every room can benefit from having a shelf or two for extra storage and display purposes. It’s space-saving furniture that adds to the aesthetic and organisation of a room and it’s definitely something you want to introduce to your home’s walls.

Open up the spaces in your home with these types of furniture and you’ll feel less overwhelmed and restricted. You can trust it will be worth the money and the effort.

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