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Social Media Revolution: Michael Marquette’s “View from the Bridge”

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Real Estate Radar, Special Reports, View From The Bridge

This week has been amazing to watch and there have been some enormous lessons to learn. The international media have focused on the events unfolding in Iran and the power of social media has become more evident than ever before. There have been constant discussions about a possible revolution in Iran and that may prove to be true but I believe the revolution has already taken place.

In my article on June 12, titled Real Estate Social Media in Australia” I discussed the importance of social media in marketing property in today’s ever changing world. It’s vital to use social media to broadcast a message of any sort – whether it is to start a revolution, sell a home or simply communicate with friends. What events in Iran should be telling us is that social media is a revolution in itself and its effects are all around us.


I have watched and listened as Iranian citizens with no formal media qualifications have reported events to the world – not through television, newspaper or telephones but via social media. The traditional forms of media are relying on the individual to send messages via Twitter and Facebook and the information has travelled around the globe and the world has taken notice.

The importance of embracing social media cannot be underestimated. I remember when I was at Primary school and computers were beginning to come to the classroom. There were many people including my teacher, parents (and even IBM!) that couldn’t see how we would ever need to use them. I remember looking at that Apple computer (with the huge green screen) and playing pac-man styled games on it – How things have changed!

From a real estate perspective the events of the last week have driven home the message that social media is here to stay and is going to be a vital part of our lives. In selling or leasing every property we must incorporate social media into our marketing campaigns to maximize our reach, exposure and effectiveness. As a company we started this at the beginning of 2009 and the results have been staggering.

Since my article last week MarquetteTurner.com has increased its web ranking to the #2888 most viewed website in Australia – a massive increase of 407 spots in 1 week. Marketing today is not about spending the most money. It is about using common sense and science to target your message to your audience. Look at what a targeted message has done in Iran!

Our lives are becoming faster paced and we have less and less time to sift through newspapers, internet sites and even talk on the telephone. We cannot rely on people coming to a website to read our message – we must take our message to our audience. Social media is about actively broadcasting to your audience rather than relying on them to come to you. The revolution has already taken place!



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