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Smart Lipo Melts Love Handles Away

by Marquette Turner

in Luxury is...

“I wish I could melt these love handles away”…Can you?

As a woman I can’t tell you how many times I myself have stood in the mirror in the morning while trying to get dressed for the day pinching little bit’s and pieces of over indulgence in cupcakes or spaghetti, that are now a permanent attachment and wished they would just “melt away.” Could this wish possibly have come true?

A fairly new procedure known as “Smart Lipo” or more correctly, “Laser Lipo” does just that. “Smart lipo” has very little downtime and is literally a non-invasive laser procedure: a true luxury!

Picture 29.png

The whole procedure begins with a consultation between you and a physician in your area, too see if you are a good candidate. The consultation will assess if the procedure will be possible based on your health background and aesthetic goals. You may also be able to preview before and after photos of other successful “smart lipo’s.”

“Smart Lipo” is not for everyone however. It is not designed to remove large fatty deposits, but is meant to help patients, who have those last stubborn areas that seem to have a stronger attachment to us than our mothers.

A good candidate will be of good health, including regular exercise and a sensible diet with a weight loss goal between 3 – 25 pounds.

Picture 30.png

From start to finish the procedure typically takes no longer than 45 minutes with a recovery time of 72 hours. Most patients will need 1-3 sessions depending on the size of the fat deposits, to see results. With each session running you between $2000-$6000.

With expensive, painful, invasive lipo a thing of the past; could stopping in for a little “thin down” look like a trip to the day spa in the future?

Brittany West

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