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Smart Apps for Your Home

by emily

in Apps, Technology, Variety

ipad-appsIf your home could speak it would probably say the most outrageous things. After all, it is where you spend most of your private time. We live in a world where technology has become our third hand; helping us in any shape way or form. You could be sitting in your office, and then with a beep from your cell phone be updated on the activity in your home. IOS, as well as Android Apps has made it easier for us to embrace technology in our homes for the better.

Television from wherever you are

App: DirecTV (Free, iOS, Android)

The latest from DirecTV is that they have upgraded their systems to enable voice control.  Connect your cell phone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network and then simply speak in your commands. You can tell the app to, “Record Grey’s Anatomy,” or “Find drama movies,” and see how your DirecTV DVR will comply with your instruction. You can remotely turn your iPad into a portable TV and watch hit movies and shows from wherever you are.

Arm and protect your home

App: ADT Pulse (Free, iOS, Android)

ADT Pulse will allow you to manage and protect your homeware form a distance with this mobile app. You are able to remotely set up your alarm system, or even disarm it, by it sending you text messages and emails about what is happening inside your home. This app has it all; you also able to automate your home to be more energy efficient by regulatory connected thermostats and managing door locks and lights.

Set the mood with lighting shades

App: Philips Hue (iOS, Android)

This app lets you set the tone, contrast and colour of the light in your home, to set any mood. When hosting a party, you can set a variety of Hue bulbs around your home to get different colours by the touch of a setting on your phone. You can set the ambience for Christmas or an intimate dinner by adjusting the colours accordingly. There is no need to clap your hands for this one, all you need to do is disable the light with a tough of a button on your smartphone.

Warm up your home or cool it off

App: Nest (iOS, Android)

By installing the Nest smart thermostat in your home, you can download the app and then simply control the temperature in your home. If the weather is chilly out, use your smartphone to adjust the room temperature before you arrive home. Or when it is a hot day, change the temperature to the way you want it.


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